Save your food scraps, bring them to the farm and we will turn it into nutritiously dense compost for our soil


Compost can be dropped off at anytime! Just add your material to the grey buckets next to our big compost piles (pictured below) 
Our composting process is done by our farmers and its hard work! Please make sure to read our tips below before contributing!

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 5.14.14 PM.png

When dropping off compost please empty your materials from any plastic, paper or biodegradable bags. There is a small metal trash can by the red shed should you need to dispose of any plastic bags or containers. 

Please only deposit your compost into the bins, NOT into the piles themselves - Thank you!

Fruit and Veggies
Egg Shells
Coffee Grounds (filters okay)
Tea Bags
Small Yard Waste (no large sticks, plants or clippings)
Organic Material (material should be be size of your hand or smaller)

Plastic Bags or plastic coated paper bags/containers
Meat, Fish or cooked food
Large sticks
Eggs (shells are okay)
Dairy Products
Diseased or Insect Infested Plants
Non Organic Materials (plastic, metal etc.)

Our composting program has diverted over 10,000 gallons of food waste from the landfills!!!


When growing vegetables and all plants it is important to be aware of your soil. This is where the plant gets all of its nutrients and power to grow! By bringing your compost to the farm you can be a part of our growing process!

With all of our plant waste and your compost-able products we build a large compost pile.  This pile is turned and maintained regularly until the product has decomposed enough to be sifted and added back into our garden beds!

By making our own compost we are able to divert waste from landfills, add nutrients back into our soil and cut down on material costs for the farm.

click here for more information on how composting works