The farm began in 2010 when Reservoir Hill residents converted a vacant lot into an active urban farm with the help of hundreds of volunteers. The continued support of neighbors and the wider community has spirited our vision to improve access to healthy food. 

The farm serves as a model community based project showing that providing neighborhoods access to land and resources is a sustainable way of revitalizing urban environments and building communities.


The goals of the Farm are to: pursue affordable sustainable fresh food sources, provide neighborhood job creation, and help revitalize the neighborhood through greening and positive community activity.

 The farm also implements its mission through farm-based learning programs such as gardening and cooking classes for children and adults.  We believe that everyone has a right to affordable, healthy, quality food accessed in a way that is environmentally sustainable and socially just.




Originally a farm road for tenant farmers on the Whitelock estate in the 1700s, Whitelock St. is the place where generations of Reservoir Hill residents have come to meet, shop, and enjoy their community. It has also been the scene of some hard times, including the riots of 1968 and looting during the blizzard of 1979.

In 1994, Baltimore City demolished all the buildings on Whitelock St. from Linden Ave to Brookfield Ave, and since then the neighborhood central corridor has been vacant.  

The growth and success of Whitelock Community Farm has inspired similar revitalization efforts in Reservoir Hill.  The Reservoir Hill Improvement Council has built the new German Park playground and will soon be building the Whitelock Community Park, adjacent to Whitelock Community Farm.  These projects seek to re-establish Whitelock St. as the physical, emotional, and civic heart of the community.




Alison Worman is the Farm Manager. She grew up gardening in the city of Milwaukee, until she moved to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art. In 2011 she stumbled upon Whitelock through MICA's Urban Farming class and has been working there ever since. After graduating in 2012 with a BFA in Fiber and Book Arts (you can view her work here), she was eager to learn more about farming and became involved with the Beginner Farmer Training Program where she worked at Calvert's Gift Farm. Now she is happy to keep her hands busy working the land and growing food to share with others. 



Isabel Antreasian is the Program Manager. At an early age she was exposed to the joys of growing, cooking, and sharing food. She moved to Minnesota from Baltimore to attend Macalester College, and was there introduced to one of her favorite forms of gathering -- the community potluck. While in the Midwest she was fortunate enough to work with an after-school program called Youth Farm that fostered youth and community development through farming and cooking healthy, multi-cultural meals. She looks forward to collaborating with neighbors in Reservoir Hill to establish programs to meet community goals!


Charina Austin (CJ) is the Mobile Market Manager. She relocated to Baltimore from Orlando in 2011. She spends her free time listening to various genres of music; she loves collecting vinyl! She was a late bloomer, learning to cook for herself in her late twenties; but now she loves cooking tasty, healthy meals for herself and the people she loves! When she's not running the market she often cooks delicious dishes for our neighborhood potlucks!


Volunteers from our neighborhood and all over have come to help out at the Farm. This help has been vital to the farms growth and sustainability. Whether you work for a few days or a few years you're a valued Farmer to us!


More information about volunteering at Whitelock here or email farmer@whitelockfarm.org for details.