Pretty -n- Pink

Remember all this bok choy? This never-ending bok choy....

So instead of Kimchi, I decided to use the rest and make something a tad different, a nice little refresher with radishes and b b b b beeeeeeets!

You can never have enough split radishes..... 

With split radishes come other split roots, like these beets

but once ya get all the bad odds and ends off, look at these beauties! Dazzling chioggia and golden beets!

Add a little salt (I did 2 teaspoons for this kraut) with that bowl of radishes pictured above, three beets, and about 10-15 head of bok choy. Massage massage massage until ya have some brine going then pack it into a jar/crock and let the magic happen! Remember to keep checking up on your kraut every day or two! 


Stay tuned for how this is pretty-n-pink kraut!


~pickle on~