Kimchi Please!

Can you say k.....k......k......k.......kimchi?!


A blessing in disguise, unfortunately we had a whole bed of Bok Choy that kind of went to shambles for market (the bugs have been having a nice breakfast, lunch, and dinner on all the leaves......)

With that said, the only next best step was to make Kimchi, two different recipes!

Kimchi I:

So this is my first ever attempt at making kimchi, so I really just kind of made up the measurements off the top of my head. I chose to not use fish sauce for the purpose of I don't have it and I want to be able to share these ferments with everyone.

So here I used:

-10-15 heads of Bok Choy

-2 T korean chili flakes

-1 T sea salt

-1T barley miso

-2 inch garlic

-half knob of garlic (used a nice fresh half of garlic from the farm, but cured garlic works just as well)

-1 1/2 T pure cane sugar

-Enough water to blend

Just blend everything together, put the spread on your kimchi and massage, massage, massage your veggies!!

Once ya get a nice brine going, Take all your veggies and stick em in a jar. Remember to check on your ferment everyday or so and push it down to keep all the veggies in the brine! Here's a lil photo of the Whole Leaf Bok Choy Kimchi after two days!

Kimchi II:

Since I have so much Bok Choy and it's my first time making kimchi, decided to try making it again! (why not right?)

So this time I added:

-10-15 heads of Bok Choy

-About a bunch of scallions

-4-5 Carrots

-3 T korean chili flakes

-1T sea salt

-2 1/2-3in of ginger

-1 knob of fresh garlic

-1T 1t of barley miso

-2T pure cane sugar

-Enough water to get it to blend

Add everything together

Then just....

Massage, massage....


Then I just like to cover the ferment up before jarring it, to allow it to get a little go before I jar it up!


Stay tuned for results! 

-Keep on pickling!-