Two Boots Farm

A little aside from pickling, but just as important, another place I hold very near and dear to my heart is Two Boots Farm in Hampstead, MD. 

Two Boots Farm is run by Elisa Lane and her husband Doron and it's so wonderful out there! Elisa has been such a huge inspiration to me and is one of the hardest working people I know. Having started Whitelock Farm and moving on to starting her own farm out in Baltimore County, Elisa is doing some wonderful work and when I went to go visit the farm today, everything was looking absolutely beautiful!

An awesome photo of Elisa and her husband Doron that I stole off their website. Check it out: !

Cucumbers, squash, kale, etc. all basking in the sun! 

Looking so good!

So the best part of this trip was when Elisa told me that there are wild raspberry bushes surrounding her farm.

Little did I know....

They were wild black raspberries!!

Hands smothered (and mouth) is raspberry juice from one of the most joyful harvests I've had thus far this season. 

It didn't end there! Then Elisa took me to the black currant bushes!

Used my raspberry stained fingers to pick the last of these awesome black currants.

I think it's time to put down the pickle for these and pick up the can (can anyone say preserves and jam?!)